Trinity Church Adelaide is both the founding church and also the largest Anglican congregation in the state and as such holds an important place in the history of South Australia. It has been listed on the Register of National Estate and State Heritage.

Externally distinctive and easily identified with its large clock face watching over North Terrace, Trinity Church has thousands of visitors come through its doors every year.

Internally Trinity displays some magnificent stain glassed windows dated as far back as 1836 as well as the very large three panel lead light windows in the front chancel which depicts the spread of the gospel by Christians in the first century.

It is this trio of windows that Adelaide Glass Painters restored in 2018.

With the history, age, and importance of these windows, Trinity needed to find professionals who knew what they were doing when it came to heritage leadlight restoration. The team from Adelaide Glass Painters restored those windows magnificently and worked within some tight time frames for both the offsite restoration and the onsite installation. They respected the tradition, understood the craft, and with great skill renewed the windows so that all those who attend or visit Trinity might continue to see and reflect on the longstanding practice of teaching and explaining the good news of Jesus Christ.

We commend Adelaide Glass Painters on their work and recommend them to others who need highly skilled and professional leadlight work.


Ken D Noakes
Associate Minister
Trinity Church Adelaide