Painted Glass

Complement Any Setting

Painted Glass

Painted glass is not only beautiful, it’s also very long lasting.


We create beautiful and long lasting painted glass to complement any setting; evoking moods, reflecting personalities and offering privacy, light, colour and an illusion of space. Painted glass is also an essential ingredient in leadlight repair and restoration work and with a huge range of hard-to-find glass on hand, proven skills in colour matching and the ability to complement your existing décor, Adelaide Glass Painters is the go-to company for all your painted glass needs.

From River Gums to Garden Nymphs

For Windows & Doors

Painted glass windows often depict natural and rural settings, and include exquisitely detailed renderings of birds, trees, flowers, buds and village scenes. Painted on small panels these are then set into the larger window which typically consists of a variety of leadlight, stained and other painted glass pieces of varying textures and colours. This is beautifully displayed in our gallery pictures. Note the detail not only in central painted glass pieces but also in corner and semi-circular painted glass pieces, and the variety of colours and textures that complete them.

We love the quintessential Australian feel, so whether it’s a majestic Gum, the Sturt Desert Pea, koala, black cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet or kookaburra that takes your fancy – or anything else besides – we’d love to work with you. That said, we just love what we do, so whether it’s Australian, a traditional English country side, a beautiful and ethereal garden nymph swathed in cloth, or something else altogether that you have in mind (how intriguing), please be in touch to see if we can help give your vision corporeal form.

Match Existing Glass

For Restoration Work

Painted glass is an essential ingredient in leadlight repair and restoration work and with a huge range of hard-to-find glass on hand and quality glass painting skills, Adelaide Glass Painters protect the aesthetic and heritage value of existing leadlight and are able to recreate artwork to match remaining pieces of a damaged work. Our work with a number of churches and at the Broken Hill Sturt Club is testimony to this fact.

Architectural & Display

For Signage & More

The use of painted glass doesn’t have to be limited to doors and windows. Used internally, and in both private and corporate settings, painted glass panels offer privacy, light and colour. Beautifully designed painted glass panels artistically separate shared spaces whilst maintaining the flow of energy, reflecting an illusion of space and understated quality. Alternatively, painted glass panels can be used to promote a company image or may serve as art in the home.

6 Week Course

Leadlight Workshops

Fun, creative and social, our leadlight workshops introduce you to the tricks of the trade. No experience is necessary! Run by highly skilled and experienced leadlight artists with a real passion for the craft, our 6 week beginners course is designed to teach students the basic techniques commonly used in commercial leadlight studios.


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