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Need a Precision Cut?

 AGP Cutting Tool

We’ve been in the trade for 35 years and known what works and what doesn’t. We’ve created a nifty little tool with a non slip straight edge that will have you cutting accurately and cleanly in no time. You’ll soon wonder how you managed without it for so long!


Look No Further!

Rare Glass

Experts in the restoration of leadlight, stained and painted glass, and with a huge supply of hard to find glass, we are well placed to protect the aesthetic and heritage value of your leadlight. With so many different styles of leadlight, stained and painted glass, and given the longevity of the art form, it’s no surprise that some glass is hard to find. We scour the market collecting as we go, and may well be able to help you find the right glass for your restoration or repair work.

6 Week Course

Leadlight Workshops

Fun, creative and social, our leadlight workshops introduce you to the tricks of the trade. No experience is necessary! Run by highly skilled and experienced leadlight artists with a real passion for the craft, our 6 week beginners course is designed to teach students the basic techniques commonly used in commercial leadlight studios.

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