We have over 35 years of experience in designing and creating new leadlight windows and a huge portfolio of work to help guide you through the process. So whether you have a clear idea of the design you want, or just know that you want leadlight ‘in that space there’, we will translate your thoughts and desires into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

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Genuine Leadlight

When researching your next leadlight repair, restoration or creation it is important to understand the difference between genuine and artificial leadlighting. Too often growing industries bring artificial products to the marketplace to cut costs and increase profitability. We believe that these products reduce the credibility of our art form; they are less durable, less attractive and cost significantly more to repair or replace.

We use genuine leadlighting materials and techniques at all times.

So, what is the difference?

[toggles accordion=”true”] [toggle title=”Real Leadlight” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] Real leadlight is made out of many separate pieces of glass, all soldered together strips of lead.

  • Strength – The process of creating genuine leadlight results in great strength – click {here} to see a significantly damaged piece of leadlight that still refuses to crash to the ground!
  • Colour – Genuine leadlight glass is tinted by the selection of minerals incorporated during the manufacturing process.
  • Texture – Texture also integral to the glass; you can actually feel them.
  • Repairs – Individual sections of genuine leadlight may be replaced at any time, usually at minimal cost.
  • Aesthetics – Put simply, it looks better.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Artificial Leadlight” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b2″] Artificial leadlight on the other hand is made up of a single sheet of clear glass, with lead adhered to the front and colours and textures applied later on.

  • Strength – It’s only as strong as the pane of glass to which it’s adhered
  • Colour – Applied later on, colours tend to fade
  • Textures – Applied later on, textures tend to peel
  • Repairs – If the glass breaks, you will need to replace the entire window.
  • Aesthetics – Although not necessarily cheaper to buy, it doesn’t take a trained eye to spot the difference.

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If cost is an issue, we’d love to have the opportunity to try to find a solution as we believe that a smaller piece of genuine leadlight will provide much greater joy than a larger piece of artificial leadlight. We pride ourselves in our ability to find a solution to suit most budgets in most circumstances.

What style will suit my house

The first question many people ask is what style of leadlight would best suit their house. With 35 years of experience in the South Australian market and sound knowledge of its different architectural styles, we can provide guidance in the selection of a style of leadlight that will best complement the age and character of your home whether that be something traditional like the Victorian, Federation or Art Deco styles, or something more modern and contemporary, designed to reflect your personal surroundings, tastes and personality – In our gallery you will find leadlight we were commissioned to design to match existing furniture and other carvings. The customers were thrilled with these end results.

First of all you’ll need to know the era in which your home was built. Or if it’s a recent build it may have been built to reflect a particular era, example: You may have a Free Stone Fronted home reflecting South Australia’s 1915 to early 1930’s period.


Whilst it is true that much of our work with the ecclesiastical community involves the restoration and repair of original leadlight and stained glass windows, churches are increasingly opting for more contemporary designs. Combining the substance and messages of old with the designs of now, Adelaide Glass Painters Leadlight Studio can create something a work of art that complements existing windows whilst promoting an attractive, contemporary and progressive image and vibe.

Pubs and Clubs

Not only skilled in restoring and repairing old or damaged leadlight, stained and painted glass, we’d love to work with you during your refurbishment.